Which Door Would You Choose? Average or Beautiful?

I should start by confessing that I hate ad campaigns. And I particularly hate ad campaigns that confuse us enough to believe that when we buy certain products or go certain places we will feel certain things. But when I saw this amazing and powerful viral campaign from Dove this morning, I still wept like a baby.

“Beautiful!” I found myself silently screaming at the video. “Choose beautiful!”

As I watched the women who didn’t, the women who stopped and looked around to see who was looking, judging, labeling, I felt their fear rising inside. Who am I to call myself beautiful? Who might be on the other side of the door to tell me I am wrong? And part of me remembered why it feels so safe to stick with average.

Then I watched one brave momma literally drag her teenage daughter away from the average door and pull her through the beautiful one, and I thought of all women in my life who in the past three years have metaphorically drug me away from an average life and helped push me into a beautiful one. All of the women who grabbed me by the shoulders with the tight grip of their compassionate words over blog posts and through paperbacks and in coaching calls and said in their own ways, “Choose beautiful.” 

So even though I now have a strange desire for softer, silkier skin provided only by Dove moisturizing body wash that makes me cringe somewhere deep inside, I’m feeling grateful this morning as the sun rises outside my window.

I’m feeling grateful that today and every day, I’m choosing beautiful.

And helping other brave women do the same.


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