How Italy Changed Everything (And What It Means for You)

For the past nine days, I’ve been in Tuscany, Italy. In fact, I wrote this blog post on the plane ride home.

When I signed up for the trip, I thought I was going to write a book and work on my business.

I thought I was going to “do” things. Big things. Real things. Things that mattered to me.

When I didn’t realize was that I was actually going to become something. Something big. Something real. Something that mattered to me.

As I sat writing my novella, tucked away among the olive trees and stunning vineyards covering the rolling Tuscan hills, it hit me.

Italy wasn’t about “doing” anything.

Italy was all about the becoming.

Here's me when I arrived in Rome.

Here’s me upon arrival in Rome – all smiles.

When I stepped onto the plane to go to Rome, some part of me knew my life would never be the same. And that part told me that this whole trip was a terrible idea. It tried to give me a million reasons why I shouldn’t go. And it was so convincing, I was the very last person to board the plane.

But I did. And that choice made all the difference.

Simply by showing up and taking a crazy risk on an adventure that made NO sense at all, I gave myself the opportunity to grow.

Simply by saying yes to my craziest dreams, I gave myself the chance to receive.

Simply by saying yes to Italy, I gave myself a sacred invitation to change.   

And the more joy I allowed myself, the more waves I jumped in and more pages I wrote, the more nights I stayed up too late connecting with other women, the more days I spent reaching out to people I believe I can serve well, the more room I seemed to have for joy, for gratitude, and for love, than I ever have before.

It’s as if my very heart was expanding by the minute.

Caroline_IT Villa 4

That’s how I know that when I said yes to Italy, I actually said yes to so much more.  When I said yes to Italy, I accepted the sacred invitation to become so much more.

And that choice changed everything.

In the upcoming weeks, you’ll be hearing more from me about what that means. To start, there will be:

  • Amazing new program announcements,
  • An awesome, funny and real free video training,
  • And regular blog content designed to nurture and support your dreams, whatever they are.

It’s totally okay if what you start hearing doesn’t resonate with you. You are welcome to simply unsubscribe and not look back. I completely understand!

But if what you start hearing does resonate, if it tugs on something down deep inside of you that makes you wonder about what might be next for you, well, it might be time to make a decision of your own.

If I were you, I’d choose Italy.

Every time.Caroline_IT villa 1



Caroline Greene

Hi Portia! First of all, I LOVE your website and what you do. SO fun! Details on the novella will be coming out soon…

Portia Porter

Hi Caroline, give us a genre hint, at least.
Also: what was the story with Italy? Photos look amazing. Do they rent out the house or is it a hotel?


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