Go Ahead, Squish the Cat

Nothing epitomizes Little M like this picture of her “squishing the cat”. It was taken by Emily Large, a friend and WONDERFUL family photographer, who is (among other things) very talented, easy to work with, good with children, and reasonably priced as far as talented photographers go! I love this picture because Emily captured (as she… Read more »

Life in the Mommy Mobile

This morning the girls and I were hanging out in the Mommy mobile… [Mommy mobile, n. – my ancient and filthy but still wonderful station wagon that regularly wears big blue eyes when parked for the sole purpose of eliciting sheer delight most often expressed in my own giggles] …stuck at a red light when the… Read more »

Inside the Greene House – Sacrificial Marriage in Action

My husband doesn’t believe in coasters and I believe in nice furniture. So after I got just way too tired about arguing over where he puts his coffee, or milk, or root beer, I got him his own table. It’s nice enough that my mom doesn’t ask what it’s doing there and not so nice… Read more »

Today I Remembered to Feed Myself

Today I remembered to feed myself. I do not mean that metaphorically. I actually remembered to eat a yogurt for breakfast (and even put it in a bowl with some fruit!) instead of downing a cup of coffee and eating the last bite of a half-eaten, long-since abandoned pancake when the girls weren’t looking, because… Read more »

Praise be the Onion? Oh man…

Just when I thought I’d have a hard time finding something to write about, this article from the Onion came across my Facebook page: Hey, everybody, we need to get f*& up! Let’s do some shots, man! Do it!” – Future Christian. Good to know the Holy Spirit thinks I’m up for a challenge. So what… Read more »