All I Needed Was A Little Flip

This morning I woke up exhausted and frustrated and just plain cranky. Besides the fact that our insane labradoodle, Macaroni, woke us up at 3 am to alert us to the presence of our neighborhood raccoon (whose current past time is torturing our family), I stayed up super late last night working on my post for… Read more »

I Lie. All the Time. Wait, that’s a Lie. So is that…

One day in small group… [small group, n. – a gathering of usually 8 to 12 people to read, think, pray, confess, laugh and usually cry together about life, God, hardship, hurt, and happiness in an attempt to learn more about scripture and each other and to create some sort of authentic and vibrant community of God] …we… Read more »

The Night She First Saw the Stars

About midnight on a Friday, our house erupted into a somewhat less common chaos of a childhood illness called the croup. If you’ve never had a child with the croup, it can be terrifying the first time you go through it because it literally sounds like your child cannot breathe. Thankfully, my youngest daughter had… Read more »

I Am “Those People” – Chances Are, So Are You

It turns out that our amazing new house has very old galvanized pipes, which is bad. In addition, some of them are incorrectly tied to newer copper pipes, which is even worse. Needless to say, our plumber spent a great deal of time in our house last month fixing what he could without ripping open the… Read more »

Our One-Eyed Dishwasher

Here it is. Our one-eyed dishwasher. When we first moved into our new house in December, my oldest child and I went for an adventure at our local Ace Hardware (awesome, friendly people who actually know what they are talking about by the way) and we found these totally cool giant googly eyes that are supposed to… Read more »