Blessed Rage for Order

I revisited one of my favorite poems today: Wallace Stevens’ “Idea of Order at Key West.” If you click on the title and follow the link, you can view the whole poem, or Stevens can actually read it to you. I think you’ll like listening to his voice, to its raspiness, its confidence, its sadness. His… Read more »

More Much

Ah, the signs of spring.  Yesterday was the first day the temperature rose above 40 degrees and (1) the wind chill did not make it feel like Antarctica;  (2) we were not at the doctor;  (3) we did not have fevers; and (4) no one had puked. Needless to say, we went to the park. So there I… Read more »

What Are You Looking For?

A month or so ago I decided to trust that little voice somewhere deep inside me that has been telling me to start a blog. Since then (and oh so true to the compulsive type-A personality that I am) I have been passing endless hours glued to the computer writing, shopping (essential to writing), Googling,… Read more »