The Blessings of My “Good Enough” Year

In three days, Christmas will be over. The presents I so tenderly wrapped will lie in piles on the floor. Stockings will be strewn across the living room. Toys I spent hours carefully thinking about to get that perfect balance of educational and entertaining will already be broken, forgotten, or tossed aside. And, if it’s… Read more »

Life on the Other Side of Busy

I’m writing for the first time in a public place, surrounded by bustling lunch goers in a fancy DC deli. The humidity beats at the glass window pane separating me from its oppressive stickiness and I delight in the dry crisp indulgence of the over-powered air-conditioner as I eat a chocolate cupcake that I don’t… Read more »

Sometimes Choosing Fear Is Worth It.

New Post from Alisa Brooks When I started running longer distances five years ago, I became the lucky recipient of ingrown toenails. On each foot, my big toe had one side of the nail that preferred to dig into my toe itself. I kept saying that “one day I’ll get it fixed!” I kept putting up with… Read more »

How I Found My Balance – Body and Soul…

When my daughter was born almost four years ago, I thought I had it all figured out. I would be the perfect parent: always available, constantly attached, nursing on-demand, staying at home… a domestic goddess who loved every minute of it. I was determined to see my vision through and mostly succeeded – for the… Read more »