The Upside of Being A Work in Progress

I love Glennon Melton from Momastery. LOVE. When she started following my first blog I cried I was so happy. Then I stopped writing and she unfollowed me and I cried again. If you don’t know Glennon, let me introduce you. She is a brave, bold and compassionate truth-teller. She is also a recovering addict… Read more »

How I Overcame My Fear of Failing (as a Mom and More)

Any mom with a child under 10 probably knows that failure is now considered a fundamental part of raising strong, creative and resilient children. In fact, according to researchers like Brene Brown, teaching our children that failure is a learning tool rather than a stumbling block is critical to any long-term success. In the Greene House, we’ve made a concentrated effort… Read more »

When Receiving Is Giving

No one wants to be a taker. Especially not mommas. No, no, no. Mommas don’t take. We give.  Because we have been taught, as women, as parents, as human beings, that giving is receiving. Which, of course, it can be. Then again, sometimes receiving is giving, too.  Take the picture to my right. A precious little girl offering her sweet momma a secret treasure…. Read more »

4 Steps to Flying Your Freak Flag (and Embracing Real Freedom)

One of my favorite movies of all time is The Family Stone. So much goodness, I can’t even handle it. My favorite part? When the stoner-brother (aka Luke Wilson) tells the tight-wad perfect girl (aka Sarah Jessica Parker) to FLY HER FREAK FLAG. Yes. Yes. Yes! So you can imagine my excitement when one of the… Read more »

Which Door Would You Choose? Average or Beautiful?

I should start by confessing that I hate ad campaigns. And I particularly hate ad campaigns that confuse us enough to believe that when we buy certain products or go certain places we will feel certain things. But when I saw this amazing and powerful viral campaign from Dove this morning, I still wept like a baby…. Read more »