To the Moments that Take Your Breath Away…

I used to have this lingering memory of a life lived in moments that took my breath away. There was that summer night on a torchlit beach, the sounds of youthful hands drumming and joyful voices laughing, competing only with the soft, gentle moan of the sea. A poem tucked inside the cover of an old book,… Read more »

Self-Care Isn’t Optional. IT’S OXYGEN. And we all get to breathe.

Mommas, Self-care isn’t optional. It’s oxygen. And we all need to breathe. As my dear friend Whitney Grace wrote in the comments the other day: “It all makes perfect sense when it’s something as basic as oxygen but somehow we lose sight of that simplicity when we start thinking about how it operates in our daily lives in relation… Read more »

How I Stopped Shaming Myself

I used to spend a lot of time and energy trying to be a runner. And by runner, I mean someone who signs up for A LOT of extreme endurance events, tells everyone about it, and then never actually does them. This picture? It’s from when I signed up for the DC Triathlon despite the fact I couldn’t run… Read more »