Merry Christmas Eve from Caroline K. Greene

Beloved, I can’t even begin to describe what’s happened in the last six months. Remember that morning I woke up and decided it was time to take a hiatus from blogging at Water from the Wells? That was six months ago today. That’s right. God in all his humor decided to give me a six month hiatus from… Read more »

That Time I Grieved the End of the Baby Years.

I’ve had childcare for a while now and I regularly leave the girls to write or coach or learn something new, but if the girls are with the nanny I have this horrible guilt. It creeps up from the depths of my stomach and tells me that these days will soon be gone and I should… Read more »

That Time I Told A Story About A Rose-Covered Cross.

I grew up spending my summers on a gentleman’s farm in southern Vermont where we ran around barefoot and picked wildflowers and ate raspberries off of bushes and got pricked by thorns and burned leeches of our feet when we dared wade into the pond. I’m not sure what was so gentlemanly about it, but it… Read more »

That Day I Stopped Taking Myself So Seriously.

Somewhere between yesterday afternoon and this very second, I realized that the single biggest thing keeping me from being the me I was created to be was that I have been taking myself way too seriously. For at least the past decade. If not longer. And the crazy thing is, as I’ve been on this awesome journey of self-re-discovery, it’s only gotten… Read more »