WorkingMichelle_Cotter_Richards_400x600px_DSC_4143 with Caroline has been, simply put, a life changing experience.  Her combination of warmth, generosity of spirit and sass has spurred me to lasting and genuine clarity about my feelings and behaviors.  Her ability to tap into different and fresh perspectives has helped me learn so much.  Add to all this her ability to provide just the right exercises or homework to keep the learning and growing going, and it is a no brainier – if you are stuck and hungry for change, Caroline is the coach for you!  – Michelle Richards, MCR Strategies 


View More: you want clarity on your path and how to move forward, I highly recommend working with Caroline. She will give you laser focus, action steps, and be your compassionate cheerleader. I was hoping for clarity on my path and received that…and more. – Rebecca Shisler Marshall, Phd., Centered Living




Caroline has helped me become a better mom, wife, and most importantly me. After having my second child, I felt completely overwhelmed trying to juggle it all.  My time with Caroline has truly been life changing due to her remarkable ability to balance reflection with practical solutions for short and long-term results.  Caroline coaches me to be more compassionate with myself and understand what is truly important.  I will be forever grateful that she came into my life. – Carri Loney


Caroline has been such a huge blessing in my life AND business.  I had a big audacious dream business that I wanted to really get off the ground, and Caroline helped me reconnect with the confidence within myself to do that.  Best of all, she was also able to help me clear out of lot of projects and tasks in my business that were simply not working and create tremendous clarity on how to reach my goals! – Danielle Eaton, Aligned Women


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Hiring Caroline was one of the best investments I’ve made for my business. When I hired Caroline I had a great business concept and a handful of clients, but my pricing structure and offerings were all over the map. Additionally, I didn’t have the confidence or selling points to charge appropriately. Through her approach, Caroline helped me define those basics for my business—my services, clients and pricing—but most importantly she helped me determine “the why.” Why am I in business for myself? Why am I choosing to run this particular business? I was surprised by my answer, but that answer has helped me tremendously in making decisions for my business, family, and clients that feel genuine. Coming from this place of authenticity has made “selling” easy and fun. I now have much simpler pricing, services I feel strongly about, and great clients!  – Erin Barbot, Erin Barbot & Co.



From the moment Caroline and I met I have been amazed at her ability to ask me just the right questions and to give me confidence in my own decision making.  I didn’t think I needed a life coach because I’m blessed to have a lot of solid, truth telling friends who know me better than I know myself.  But there is no way I could have made the transformational decision to leave my life long career and pursue my dreams without Caroline’s guidance– Kimberly Nelson Hill, The Party Bee



After each session with Caroline, I feel closer and closer to God and His plan for my life. Her guidance has led me to rediscover and reawaken qualities in myself that allow me to not only be more present in my own life, but also to fully embrace God’s love for myself and all of humanity. – Sara


Working with Caroline is life changing! As a working professional turned stay-at-home mom, I used to set completely unrealistic expectations of what I needed to accomplish in a day before I could focus on me.  Caroline helped me rework the way I think about my role as a mom and find a balance where I feel like I’m taking care of my family without constantly putting myself last. I am so much happier and more fulfilled because of her!  – Laura

Caroline is a remarkable life coach… She helped me to view my life through a different lens by asking tough but fair questions. It was easy to work with her because she offers a non-judgmental and supportive ear. I would recommend her to anyone hoping to live a more meaningful and authentic life. – Rebecca

Working with Caroline has changed how my family and I approach life. Working with her helped me focus on what is most important to me and my family and guide me in my daily decision making.  She has also helped me feel less stressed and guilty about what I cannot change. – A.